It's your Wedding Gown, so the choice is simple. Only the very best will do. You may choose Museum Hanging Method, or Museum Quality Boxed Application.

While you and your knight in shining Armani are honeymooning, we will use our advanced environmental technology to clean and preserve your modern heirloom. Your gown will be waiting for your return.

Your Wedding Gown is meticulously cared for at Clothesline Cleaners. Our gentle and thorough process cleans your gown without harsh or toxic solvents. Pearls, beads, sequins and other adornments are gently and harmlessly cleaned. If you choose to create your modern heirloom, we provide the finest Museum Quality Archival Preservation. Every detail is guided by the standards used at the Smithsonian Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and forty different museums, historic houses and fashion designers.

The Archives of the exhibits of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and the Costume Institute of MOMA prefer our method.

The objective is to place the gown in as relaxed a state as possible in a neutral, breathable environment. The gown is surrounded by layers of inert materials to protect against environmental contaminants.

We begin with the chemically inert archival box: it is double wall corrugated, adhesive free, lignen free, neutral pH, and it has excellent strength characteristics exceeding archival quality requirements. The paper is lignen free, neutral pH quality, and buffered against acid migration. The unfinished organic cotton muslin liner is placed into the archival box and surrounds your gown for further protection. The archival tissue is lignen free, neutral pH and photo activity tested. Your gown will breathe, warding off vermin, mold, mildew and acid.

A family treasure is preserved forever.

Your clothes are as individual as you are
We give you both special care and attention!

Formal Wear
Wedding gowns, evening gowns, Tuxes and tails, fancy blouses, and all types formal wear will exceed your expectations. No need to sign a waiver for beads and sequins; our solvent-free system will not damage those precious details. Your most valued garments will be returned to you brilliantly clean!

Business and Casual Wear
From cashmere Armani suits to your favorite old khakis, we thoroughly and gently coax out soil and stains. Our customers notice a huge improvement with their first Clothesline visit, and their garments just get better and better with each "dip into our spa."

Wool Coats
We take special pride in restoring woolen coats to their best possible condition. We painstakingly groom and brush each coat, hand removing pilling and lint and fluffing up the pile. Woolens absorb and retain the chemicals in dry-cleaning solvents, leaving your clothes with a harsh chemical smell and residue. Our non- toxic solvents leave your woolies soft, with the naturally clean and fresh scent of just coming off the clothesline. You'll be amazed at the difference!

Our Commercial Miele System has a specific program for down bedding. First, moistening, then a fast extract removes the old air trapped in the duvet, allowing water, citrus and enzyme soaps to penetrate the down and really thoroughly clean. Blasts of steam throughout the 90 minute cleaning cycle raise the temperature high enough to kill mites and bed bugs that live in down. Woolen Blankets love to absorb odors. Our deep cleaning penetrates the fibers to freshen up your woolen blankets and make them soft, supple and cozier than ever. Silk Duvets, Mattress pads, Sleeping Bags, and Comforters all come back to you impeccably clean, soft and fluffy.

Silks and Rayons Miele has unique program designed for cleaning delicate silks and rayons. These high-maintenance items require special care. Clothesline customers say our silk finishers are the best in San Antonio. We think you'll agree.

Linens One of our Miele's 99 programs is dedicated specifically for linen. It allows us to create and control the proper temperature, water extraction speed, cleaner and conditioner to bring out the finest textures and detailing.

Down Outerwear Similar to our down duvet program, your down outerwear will get completely penetrated with citrus and enzyme cleaners and water in a super-hot cycle for deep-down cleaning. We'll dry it for several hours and hang it overnight in our hot drying room, then dry it again the next day. Try Bringing your Down on down to us! You'll be glad you did!

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