How we do it.

PRE-INSPECTION We give your garments a thorough check for soil and stains, damage, and stuff in the pockets. We close zippers, button pockets, remove lint, replace broken or missing buttons, and fix any minor damage we find. Then we sort according to color, fabric and texture.

PRE-SPOTTING this job entails a great deal of sleuth work. We inspect each garment for stains and soil, then test suspicious dyes to make sure they won't run. We pre-treat stains, check care labels, inspect for pre-existing problems, and select from 99 programs on our Miele to gently and thorougly care for your garment.

CLEANING Our state of the art equipment immerses your clothing in a digitally controlled environment, adjusting cleaning agents, temperature, saturation, type and amount of mechanical agitation, and extraction spin speed according to the specific fabric.

In the first phase of cleaning, a small, controlled amount of banana oil pre-spotter is added to help remove general soil. Next, a citrus and soy agent with dye blockers and fabric protectors is added, and finally, the garments are finished with silk protein. Miele's cleaning action uses an extremely gentle drum rhythm, patented fiber protection and low water levels to coax dirt and stains gently from your most delicate garments. By giving clothes a smoother ride, and by utilizing ecologically responsible detergents, the system is gentle, not just to your clothes, but to the environment.

FORMING Originally created for the textile manufacturing industry, our forming equipment shapes your garment the same way the designer intended. During wet forming, heavy woolen coats and jackets are brushed to de-pill and restore the original soft feel, and dark clothes are brushed to remove lint.

DRYING We use a digital moisture-sensing low-heat dryer for sturdier garments. We dry clothing to the ambient moisture level best for the particular fabric. Almost all garments, whether wet-formed or partially dried, gently hang until dried completely.

PRESSING We use a European VEIT Varioset for hand pressing. A very powerful vacuum holds the garment in place for precision work, and an "up air" function blows air upwards, so
delicate garments float on a cushion of air during pressing. This avoids any hard press marks along seam lines. VEIT is fantastic for vintage garments, formal wear, wedding gowns and other articles that require gentle handling.

INSPECTION & TOUCH-UP Last, your garment returns to the tensioning equipment for a final forming, where it is touched up and de-linted once again. During each stage of its journey, your clothes are inspected for stains: if any are detected, it goes back for treating and repeat cleaning. When your garment passes inspection, it is bagged with the rest of your order.

STAINS We always do our best to remove all stains. If yours still has a spot, it has been treated and your garment cleaned at least twice, and often many more times. Some stains just won't budge, but most lighten up considerably.

It's a long laborious process, but San Antonio, you're worth it!

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